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Lego Star Wars Mini Tie Fighter 8028

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Star Wars Mini Tie Fighter 8028


Star Wars Mini Tie Fighter 8028 is a must own Lego set. A list of features include 2009 lego star wars collection, ages 6-12 years and contains 44 pc. Product# 0673419132701. To get the best deal for this product as well as other Star Wars Legos, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this site.

Lego Star Wars 8028 MINI TIE Fighter was a common Imperial starfighter. Even so, TIEs were designed to attack in large numbers and overwhelm the enemy. TIE stood for Twin Ion Engine; these engines were so precisely manufactured, they had no moving parts and had been low maintenence. A TIE fighter's only weapons had been its potent laser cannons, which could destroy a medium starfighter if well placed.


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